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How To Be a Nurse Assistant 6th edition -

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  • Taught by university level nursing instructors
  • Provides standardized, consistent training for all your centers
  • Uses preceptors local to you, or we can certify your staff to teach the in-person clinicals
  • Allows for flexible class participation with 24/7 online access
  • Customize and co-brand the course to your center

Finding a steady stream of quality CNA's can be an expensive hassle...

  • Small organizations without a Masters level gerontological education department
  • Larger organizations that wish to deliver their own culture, quality and education in a more cost effective way


Current and Relevant Education

AHCA's How To Be a Nurse Assistant curriculum


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University Instructional Lesson Plans

Our new blended course which consists of top instructors online and a clinical education at your location, includes...

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Course Description & Objectives

Used by training programs all over the country, How To Be a Nurse Assistant clearly demonstrates and teaches the work of a CNA, fully preparing students for CNA certification. It is comprehensive yet easy to follow. The curriculum includes 32 chapters, and each chapter includes specific medical terms to learn, quizzes, activities, and prompts that will help students learn the material. There is also a practice exam that will help students prepare for their certification exams. Instructors can provide feedback and track students’ progress through the online platform.

AHCA's How To Be a Nurse Assistant

Topics covered:

  • Long term, subacute, prenatal, and postnatal care
  • Applications of OBRA
  • Step-by-step procedures and critical finishing steps
  • Prevention and control of infection
  • Specific methods and procedures for giving the best quality care         including positioning and moving a resident, assisting with nutrition, maintaining and improving skin integrity, dealing with emergencies, pain management, and end of life care
  • How to enhance the quality of life of your resident
  • How to communicate and interact effectively with residents and co-workers
  • Preparing for the certification exam, including quizzes and a practice certification exam
  • How to enjoy a successful career as a certified nurse assistant

The 6th edition of the How To Be a Nurse Assistant curriculum demonstrates the tradition of excellence and quality care that make AHCA renowned across the health care field. It is the most thorough, resident-centered CNA training available. When you register for the online course, you get complete access to each chapter of the textbook to view online and download to your devices. You also have videos that clearly demonstrate the essential skills and procedures that a CNA must do on the job, including the critical opening and closing steps. Videos show real CNAs working with actual residents.

Written and developed by registered nurses with over 25 years of experience, the curriculum helps brings out the best in everyone.

AHCA's Mission:  Improving Lives by Delivering Solutions for Quality Care

As the nation’s largest association of long term and post-acute care providers, AHCA advocates for quality care and services for frail, elderly, and disabled Americans. Our members provide essential care to approximately one million individuals in 12,000 not-for-profit and proprietary member facilities.

AHCA represents the long term care community to the nation at large – to government, business leaders, and the general public. We serve as a force for change, providing information, education, and administrative tools that enhance quality at every level. As part of our extensive portfolio of member services, AHCA maintains legislative, regulatory and public affairs. Our dedicated staff work both internally and externally to assist member providers, the government, and the general public.

AHCA, its affiliates, and member providers advocate for individuals who – because of social needs, disability, trauma or illness – require services provided in a long term care setting. We continue to advocate for the continuing vitality of the long term care provider community.

AHCA is committed to developing necessary and reasonable public policies which balance economic and regulatory principles to support quality care and quality of life.

Jeanne A. Boschert

About the author

Jeanne A. Boschert has been a registered nurse since 1986 and has held a variety of leadership roles within health care. Since 1999, Jeanne has written and developed programs and training materials for a variety of health care providers, including a 40-hours case management training program, and feeding assistant program, and a competency-based curriculum for both nurse assistants and licensed staff in long term care. These materials focus on providing quality of care to the person while continuing to enhance the individual's quality of life.  

As the Director of clinical Education for LTC Healthcare organizations from 2009 until 2013, Jeanne was responsible for the development of clinical education and professional development programs for facilities throughout seven states.  She managed CEU certification programs and worked closely with the education departments on content development and training for all clinical staff.  As a Director of Operations for Homecare, she was responsible for the daily operations for the state of Tennessee and for the implementation of private duty services. 

In 2010, AHCA selected Jeanne as the author of the fifth edition of How To Be a Nurse Assistant.  The opportunity allowed her to apply her knowledge of clinical education and her experience in health care within a complete program including the textbook, workbook and instructor's manual.  Jeanne is once again honored to partner with AHCA and excited to contribute to the sixth edition of How To Be a Nurse Assistant.

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Become A Preceptor

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  •   Faculty preceptor appointment at Bethel University 
  •   Access to on-line training course 
  •   Access to Master Level Instructors as resource 
  •   Access to immediate grading of all learning content 
  •   Access to competency skill database 
  •   Benefit of pre-designed lessons and lesson plans 
  •   Access to resources to help you submit for approval of state approved clinical site  
  •   Becoming part of a network of professionals dedicated to making a difference 

You may remember your first days on rotation or even starting as a new practice site, eager to learn and contribute, but a little hesitant and unsure of yourself. Perhaps a past preceptor or mentor explained, demonstrated and inspired you to think for yourself and achieve. Today, you have the opportunity to be that person by giving back to the profession. Becoming a preceptor and mentor to a student is one of the most honored contributions you can make to the profession!

Nurses interested in joining the health care community at Bethel University/AHCA should have at least two-years professional long term care experience, maintain an active RN license, and be in good standing with their state board. Prospective preceptors will need to complete an application and preceptor training.

Why should I become a preceptor

  •   Motivated, enthusiastic, self-directed learners 
  •   Nurses dedicated to patient-centered care 
  •   Effective communicators 
  •   Nurses eager to advance their mentoring skills and abilities 

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